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Adipurush Dialogue: Dialogue writer Manoj gave the reaction that deliberately wrote such dialogues Adipurush Dialogue:

Adipurush Writer Manoj

Prabhas starrer film Adipurush, directed by Om Raut, has been released in theaters across the world tomorrow i.e. on 16th June. Fans across India were very excited about Adipurush.

Prabhas Kriti Sonan starrer film Adipurush was embroiled in a lot of controversies before its release. Fans were very angry about the poor VFX and CGI of the film, later the release of the film was pushed ahead, which satisfied the fans that the VFX and CGI of the film would be fixed.

Adipurush VFX Saif Ali Khan
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But after its release on June 16, the fans are very angry after seeing this film, it is being told that very poor VFX and CGI have been used in Adipurush. It is also being told that the dialogues of the film are also of a very low level.

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At the same time, after the release, the difficulties for the makers of the film have increased even more. The tampering with the story of Ramayana in the film and the level of dialogues have hurt the sentiments of the people. At the same time, there has been a lot of ruckus regarding the dialogue of Lord Hanuman in ‘Adipurush’, on which the dialogue writer of the film Manoj Muntashir has now given his clarification.

Dialogue writer Manoj reacted Adipurush Dialogue

There has been a lot of controversy regarding the dialogues in the film Adipurush, which was released on 16th June. Responding to the ongoing controversy over the dialogue of ‘Hanuman’ in the film Adipurush, author Manoj Muntashir has answered why he wrote such a dialogue? Manoj Muntashir has said that the dialogue which is causing so much ruckus has been deliberately written in such a way that people can relate to it in today’s times.

Adipurush Writer Manoj  Muhtashir
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Along with this, writer Manoj Muntashir said during a conversation with the media that why only Hanuman ji is being talked about. I feel that if it has to be talked about then we should also talk about the dialogues of Lord Shri Ram, which is the dialogue of Mother Sita, where she challenges Ravana sitting in Ashok Vatika that Ravana is still so much in your Lanka. There is no gold to buy Janaki’s love. Why are we not talking about all this.

Wrote such dialogues deliberately – Manoj

During a conversation with the media, Manoj Muntashir said that these dialogues were actually written deliberately. There is no mistake in this. The dialogues of Hanuman ji have gone through a process, we have kept them very simple. Manoj told that there are many characters in this film, so not everyone can speak in the same language, so something different is necessary, so we wrote the dialogue in this way.

What is disputed Adipurush dialogue

Since yesterday, the fans are very angry about Adipurush. Fans are very angry about the dialogue of the film, they believe that this type of language is indecent in this film made after being inspired by a book like Ramayana.

Some of the dialogues of Hanumanji in this film which are in controversy are “Kapda tere baap ka tel tere baap ka jalegi bhi tere baap ki”, “Aap aapne kaal ke liye carpet bicha rahe hai”, “Jo hamari behno ko haath lagayega hum unki lanka laga denge” will give”

Adipurush Dialogue
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Along with this, the dialogues of Ravana’s character Saif Ali Khan in the film are also becoming quite viral, due to which the fans have objected, “Mere ek sapole ne tere sheshnag ko lamba kar diya abhi toh pura pitara bhara pada hai” Fans are very angry about this.

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