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Jawan Box Office Collection Day 49 Sacnilk

Jawan Box Office Collection

Jawan box office collection: Bollywood’s King Khan’s second most awaited film of this year, Jawan, was released in theaters across the world on September 7. After its release, Jawan has a huge craze among its fans. Jawan has made a great collection in its first week.

The film Jaawan Directed by the Atlee Kumar, Produced by Gauri Khan Red Chile Entertainment.

Star Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Vijay Sethupathi in Jaawan. Nayantara, Sanya Malhotra, Jogi Babu.

Jawan Box Office Collection Day Wise

Jawan box office collection day 49

Jawan DaysHindi Tamil Telugu Total
Day 1 65.50 cr.5.5 cr.4 cr.75 crore
Day 246.233.87 cr.3.13 cr.53.23 crore
Day 3 68.72 cr.5.34 cr. 3.77 cr.77.83 crore
Day 4 71.63 cr.5 cr.3.47 cr.80.1 crore
Day 5 30.50 cr.1.3 cr.1.12 cr. 32.92 crore
Day 6 24 cr. 1.05 cr.0.95 cr.26 crore
Day 7 21.3 cr.1.0 cr.0.9 cr.23.2 crore
Jawan 1st Week 327.88 Cr.23.06 Cr.17.34 Cr.368.28 Cr.
Day 8 20.1 cr.0.8 cr.0.7 cr.21.6 crore
Day 918.1 cr.0.41 cr.0.59 cr.19.1 crore
Day 1030.10 cr.0.8 cr.0.9 cr.31.80 crore
Day 1134.26 cr.1.11 cr.1.48 cr.36.85 crore
Day 1214.25 cr.0.7 cr.1.3 cr.16.25 crore
Day 1312.9 cr.0.5 cr.1.0 cr.14.4 crore
Day 148.6 cr.0.35 cr.0.65 cr.9.6 crore
2nd Week Collection138.31 Cr.4.67 Cr.6.62 Cr.149.6 Cr.
Day 157.25 cr.0.3 cr.0.55 cr.8.1 crore
Day 167.1 cr.0.15 cr,0.35 cr.7.6 crore
Day 1711.5 cr.0.3 cr.0.45 cr.12.25 crore
Day 18 13.9 cr.0.4 cr.0.65 cr.14.95 crore
Day 194.9 cr.0.15 cr.0.35 cr.5.4 crore
Day 204.40 cr.0.2 cr.0.3 cr.4.9 crore
Day 214.45 cr.0.2 cr.0.24.85 crore
3rd Week Collection53.5 Cr.1.7 Cr.2.85 Cr.58.05 Cr.
Day 225.81 cr.0.05 cr.0.11 cr.5.97 crore
Day 234.9 cr.0.05 cr.0.1 cr.5.05 crore
Day 248.27 cr.0.08 cr.0.15 cr.8.5 crore
Day 259.12 cr.0.1 cr.0.15 cr.9.37 crore
Day 266.65 cr.0.08 cr.012 cr.6.85 crore
Day 271.95 cr.0.03 cr.0.07 cr.2.05 crore
Day 281.86 cr.0.03 cr.0.06 cr.1.95 crore
Day 291.78 cr.0.03 cr.0.05 cr.1.86 crore
4th Week Collection34.53 cr.0.4 cr.0.7 cr.35.63 crore
Day 301.25 cr.0.02 cr.0.03 cr.1.3 crore
Day 312.25 cr.0.04 cr.0.04 cr.2.33 crore
Day 322.9 cr.0.03 cr.0.03 cr.2.96 crore
Day 330.85 cr.0.01 cr.0.02 cr.0.88 crore
Day 340.80 cr.0.01 cr.0.01 cr.0.82 crore
Day 350.77 cr.0.01 cr.0.01 cr.0.79 crore
Day 360.75 cr.0.01 cr.0.01 cr.0.77 crore
Week 5 Collection9.47 cr.0.11 cr.0.13 cr.9.71 crore
Day 374.75 cr.0.01 cr.0.03 cr.4.79 crore
Day 381.51 cr.0.02 cr.0.02 cr.1.55 crore
Day 392.2 cr.0.02 cr.0.02 cr.2.5 crore
Day 400.74 cr.0.01 cr.0.01 cr.0.76 crore
Day 410.6 cr.0.01 cr.0.01 cr.0.62 crore
Day 420.5 cr.0.01 cr.0.01 cr.0.52 crore
Day 430.4 cr.0.01 cr.0.01 cr.0.42 crore
Week 6 Collection10.59 cr.0.09 cr.0.11 cr.10.79 crore
Day 440.15 cr.00000.15 crore
Day 450.3 cr.00000.3 crore
Day 460.35 cr.00000.35 crore
Day 470.25 cr.00000.25 crore
Day 480.35 cr.00000.35 crore
Day 490.17 cr.00000.17 crore
Jawan Total Collection581.66 crore 30.08 crore 27.86 crore639.6 crore

Jawan Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Total Collection

Jawan Hindi Collection Jawan Tamil CollectionJawan Telugu Collection
581.66 crore 30.08 crore 27.86 crore

Jawan Worldwide, India Net and Gross Collection

Jawan Worldwide CollectionIndia Net Overseas Gross
1146 crore 639.6 crore 386.85 crore 759.15 crore

Jawan Collection Week-wise

Jawan WeekTotal Collection (India Net)
First Week368.28 Cr.
Second Week149.6
Third Week58.05
Forth Week35.63 Cr.
Fifth Week 9.71 Cr.
Six Week10.59 Cr.

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