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Karachi to Noida: Seema Haider Love Story Movie Announced

seema sachin karachi to noida movie audition clip

Bollywood movie karachi to noida is going to be made on Seema Haider, Seema will be seen playing the role of RAW agent. rush to audition

Ever since Seema Sachin came to India from Karachi (Pakistan), since then Seema Sachin has been in a lot of limelight. Through social media and news media, we keep getting their news every moment. Recently, a news has come out that Seema is going to make a film on Sachin’s love story. The poster of the film “Karachi to Noida” based on Seema Sachin’s love story has also been released. Karachi to Noida film is going to be made by Amit Jani, Managing Director of Jani Firefox Production House. The official announcement of the film was done by Amit Jani on 8th August. With this, the auditions of the film have started on August 9, after which some clips of the auditions were also revealed.

karachi-to-noida movie

The production house has released a clip of the audition, in which a girl is seen talking to Sachin on the phone. The boy who is seen in the picture is giving audition for the role of Sachin. Many actresses and models went to audition for the role of Seema Haider. The girl talking on the phone in the viral clip of the audition looks very similar to Seema Haider. Earlier reports were coming that Seema Haider will play her own role. But the production house and Seema have not given any official information about it.

Seema Haider will be seen playing the role of a RAW agent in the film. Along with this, it will be shown in the film how Seema had traveled from Karachi to Noida with her 4 children.

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