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Karthi confirms Kaithi 2 “We’ve already planned for it” Karthi said

The film Kaithi was an action thriller film released in 2019 with Karthi, Arjun Das and Harish Uthaman in the lead roles. This film is part of Lokesh Kanagaraj‘s cinematic universe. The foundation of Lokesh Kanagaraj’s cinematic universe was laid with this film.

Loki Universe and Karthi’s fans were eager to know the updates of Kaithi 2 for a long time. In his recent interview, Karthi said about Kaithi 2, “A sequel of Kaithi is on the cards. We’ve already planned for it, But the timeline of the movie is being worked upon” Meaning, the sequel of Kaithi 2 is confirmed, rumors are also that this movie will be released after Rajinikanth’s Thalaivar 171. The timeline of LCU will be known after the release of Leo movie, hence no fixed release date of Kaithi 2 can be estimated yet but rumors are that this movie will be released in 2025.

kaithi 2 movie

Kaithi 2 Star cast

The star cast of Kaithi 2 will include Karthi, Dheena, Surya, Baby Monica, Arjus Das, Harush Uthaman, Narain, George Maryan, Hareesh Peradi (Kamal Hassan, Thalapathy Vijay Cameo Expected). Lokesh Kanagaraj is directing Kaithi 2.

Kaithi 2 Timeline

In the first part of the film Kaithi, the back story of Dilli (Karthi) was not told in much detail nor was it told why Dilli went to jail. There are many questions which have not been told in Kaithi, the answers to which will be found in Kaithi 2. Kaithi 2 will have two timelines, one present and the other past. The story of LCU will run in the present and Karthi’s back story will run in the past.


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