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Loki Universe Upcoming Movies After LEO

Loki Universe Upcoming Movies

Director Lokesh Kanagaraj has created his own cinematic universe named Loki Universe. The first film of this universe is Kaithi. This universe has been expanded with Kamal Haasan’s 2022 film Vikram 2. In this universe, the hero fights with the drug mafia and tries to stop the illegal drug trade. After Vikram 2, the hype of this universe has increased. Many films are coming in Loki Universe. The Loki universe features the biggest star cast of the South like Kathy in Kaithi, Kamal Haasan, Vijay Sethupathi, Fahadh Fossil in Vikram 2 and Surya (cameo) Thalapathy Vijay, Sanjay Dutt, Arjun Sarja in Leo.

Loki Universe Upcoming Movies

1. LEO: After Vikram 2 of Loki Universe, Leo film is going to release on October 19 this year. This is the third film of Loki Universe whose lead roles are Thalapathy Vijay, Sanjay Dutt and Arjun Sarja. Three characters of this film have been announced so far, Thalapathy Vijay as Leo, Sanjay Dutt as Antony Das and Arjun Sarja as Harold Das. Glimpses videos of all these are available on YouTube.

LEO Vijay Thalapathy

2. Thalaivar 171: After Rajinikanth’s film Jailer, Rajinikanth’s next film Thalaivar 171 has been announced. Lokesh Kanagaraj is directing this film. This film is also going to be a part of Loki Universe. This is going to be the fourth film of Loki Universe. In this film, superstar Rajini will play the role of Cop and fight the drug mafia. There are also rumors that Rajini will be seen fighting with Rolex also. This film will be released in 2024 after Leo.


3. Rolex: Surya as Rolex’s cameo at the end of Vikram 2 increased the hype of this film even more. The audience went crazy after seeing Rolex’s cameo. After Rolex’s cameo, fans started demanding Rolex’s solo movie, after which Surya announced the Rolex movie in one of his events. In this movie, the back story of Rolex will be shown, how Rolex became the biggest drug mafia. This film will be released in early 2022.

rolex movie poster surya

4. Kaithi 2: This universe started with Karthi’s film Kaithi. The back story of Dilli (Karthi) was not shown in the film Kaithi, in Kaithi 2, Dilli’s family and how his wife died will be shown. This film will be released in late 2024 or early 2025.

kaithi 2 moive
kaithi 2 moive

5. Vikram 3: After Vikram 2, Kamal Haasan’s Vikram 3 is also going to come. We get a hint of this at the end of Vikram 2. After the death of his son, Arun Kumar Vikram (Kamal Haasan) has only one motive to end the drug mafia. In the end, when Vikram sees Rolex, he understands that the death of Sandhanam (Vijay Sethupathi) will not end this drug mafia but there is a huge network behind it whose leader is Rolex. Kamal Haasan and Rolex’s fight will be shown in Vikram 3.

vikram 3

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