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Manchu Manoj’s What The Fish Movie New Poster Out

what the fish movie manchu manoj

Manchu Manoj has not released any film after Operation 2019. Fans of his film were waiting for a long time. Meanwhile, two of his movies have been announced 1. Aham Brahmasmi 2. What the Fish. Whose release date has not been revealed yet but the posters of these movies have been released and the teaser of What The Fish has also been released.

What The Fish Glimpes

No film has come for Manoj Manchu for 5 years, his next film What the Fish is about to come. This film is going to come in 24. A Glimpse video of the film has also been released, in which Manchu Manoj “I am bad shine and coming for you, find the place to hide, I am bad shine the war is begin, find the place to run’ saying this dialogue. Looking at the glimpse of the movie, it seems that What The Fish Movie is going to be a suspense thriller movie, in which Manchu Manoj will play the role of a killer. Manchu Manoj’s character looks very dangerous in the movie’s glimpses.

What The Fish Star Cast

What The Fish Movie has been directed and written by Varun Korukonda. Surya Bezawada, Vishal Bezawada, Ryan Ellis have produced the movie. What The Fish movie stars Manchu Manoj, Satya Akkala, Johnson D M, Karnawat, Vennela Kishore, Daksha Nagarkar.

What The Fish New Poster

what the fish movie manchu manoj
What The Fish Movie Poster

People Media Factory shared a poster on Twitter and wrote “Guess who’s back” in which many users while reacting wrote the name of Manchu Manoj and said that this is the poster of his upcoming movie What The Fish. Because Manchu Manoj has not had any film for a long time, so his fans are expecting his comeback. The jacket that the person in this poster is wearing has a logo on it which is also shown in the Glimpse video of What The Fish movie. The character seen in the poster is very similar to the character of What The Fish Glimpse video.

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