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Salaar Crossed $100k+ Presales in USA

salaar movie advance booking USA

This year’s biggest most awaited movie Salaar is going to be released in cinemas worldwide on 27th September. Directed by superstar Prabhash starrer Prashant Neel, this film is going to be the biggest film of this year.

Advance booking for the film Salaar, directed by Prashant Neel, will start on 25th August. This advance booking of Salar has started in the US. In presales bookings, Salaar has secured an advance of around $1 lakh, which is roughly equivalent to Rs 85 lakh in India.

salaar presales in usa

About 1 month is left for the release of Salaar, the advance booking of Salaar will continue to increase day by day, Salaar can create new rewards in Overseas Collection, Salaar will be released on about 1900 screens in US.

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