Which Marvel and DC superheroes can defeat Lucifer?

By Filmyvita

Lucifer can easily defeat Spider-Man and Flash because he has healing powers.

Out of Wanda and Vision, Wanda can give Lucifer some competition but can't defeat him.

Captain America and Batman are ordinary humans, so they cannot fight Lucifer for long.

Iron Man and Black Panther are very powerful superheroes but still they cannot defeat Lucifer.

Hulk and Thanos can give Lucifer a tough fight but they can't defeat him.

Supergirl and Captain Marvel have defeated many supervillains, but they still can't defeat Lucifer

Hela and Wonder Woman can give a tough fight to Lucifer, but they cannot defeat him.

Black Adam and Sazam are very powerful superheroes, but according to the comic, even they cannot defeat Lucifer. 

Superman and Thor have God level powers, they can almost defeat Lucifer but cannot kill him.

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